Orietta Soul Muse

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Orietta Soul Muse

The Large Harry Horn Lodge – 2nd & 3rd September 2023
10:10am – 11:00am – Join ‘Orietta Soul Muse’ for a Crystal & Himalayan Bowl with Angelic Vocals Sound Healing experience like no other. Orietta’s style is deeply relaxing and includes 432hz quartz crystal bowls that create a highly meditative frequency. Her soothing voice lulls you into a seated or lying embodiment through the 5 Elements. Gentle waves of pure crystal bowl energy will carry your heart into a loving inner space. Orietta combines a full chakra-balancing range of authentic Himalayan bowls into the healing soundscape, to clear blockages & balance you at a cellular level. Feel the waves as she creates an other-worldy soundscape taking you into a magical space. The range of multi-frequency sounds and other creative percussion, can more easily tame the mind into entering the the healing Alpha and Theta brain wave patterns. This is the optimum regenerative space where the body processes can release blockages in both the physical body and energy body. This is also, where intuitive insight can also occur.
To gently return to you, Orietta’s loving voice accompanied by the Indian Shruti Box will sing you back into your hearts. You will have the opportunity to sing along or simply allow the nurturing words to wash over you. Feel your own heart embrace love, as you step into the rest of your day feeling balanced & uplifted through the magical power of sound.
You will be held in a safe and nurturing space where you can fully surrender and receive exactly what you need. Orietta looks forward to taking you on a Cosmic and Angelic journey of love. https://www.facebook.com/oriettasoulmuse
4.00pm – 4.50pm: (Both Days) Join The Elemental Conscious Dance, Which Connects Us Our Altered States Of Consciousness  Through The 5 Dances of: Earth (Physical Realm), Water (Emotional Realm), Fire (Action Realm), Air (Mental Realm), Spirit (Unique Essence).  This Free Flow Elemental Dance Connects Us To The Forces Of Creation, Both Within & Around Us. Embodying Our ‘Inner Nature’ Supports Our Grounding, Embodiment & Self-Expression. The Dance Is The Perfect Integration Tool For All We Are Learning On Our Journey. Dancing From The Inside Out, We Reclaim The Hidden Gifts Within Our Psyche. This Modality Is Essentially Liberating – To Connect Us With Our Inherent Divinity, Power of Choice & Embodied Soul Quality.
3:00pm – 3:40pm: (Saturday Only) Shamanic Astrology Join Orietta Soul Muse for her talk ‘It’s Written in the Stars: How Shamanic Astrology reveals Your Superpowers, Inner Feminine & Masculine and Life Purpose’. You will hear the rhythm from Orietta’s Shamanic Drum as you enter the room to connect to your inner essence. Orietta, a Creation Team Alchemist and Cosmic Visionary, will reveal an experiential and animistic way to discover your past life mastery, Soul’s intent, inner superpowers and life purpose – through a Shamanic Astrology perspective.

Orietta will share the powerful impact her 121 chart reading approach has on people’s confidence to remember what they came here to do.

She will also reveal how Shamanic workshops can empower you to channel & receive unconditional love from your planetary archetypes, banish inner conflict & misalignment, reveal your unique Inner Creation Team, improve relationships, deepen intuition and enhance graceful manifestation. This talk is unmissable for Life Purpose clarity seekers, conscious couples or anyone seeking ‘cosmic support’ to reach for the stars, in this lifetime.

Stockport Masonic Guildhall – 2nd/3rd September 2023