Attic Tea

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Meet Rick & Anne Retailers of ATTIC

Join The Talk on Saturday at 11:30 am The secret life of teas: a journey into plant intelligence and how it can guide our personal evolution

Please come and hear about the hidden wonders of Chinese tea, used for millennia in China as a spiritual practice. Experience a practical way to access its ‘tea-chings’ through a guided meditation and tasting. Learn about why it is the perfect tool for human self- exploration. We look forward to welcoming you.


Alderley Edge – 26th/27th November 2016

ATTIC Tea import 5 types of tea from China and through dowsing and a personality test will help you find which tea is right for you.

ATTIC believe that everybody has a ‘tea type’, finding it will greatly enhance your life, bringing back an abundance of “Yuan Chi’ or ‘Youthful Vigour